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Apologies… I’ve had trouble finding the time to update this newsletter this past month and a half. I plan on getting back to posting regularly by the…

February 2023

#27: January 24th - 30th

January 2023

#26: January 17th - 23rd
#25: January 10th - 16th
#24: January 1st - 9th
Turkish-Syrian reconciliation, anti-reconciliation protests, SNA news, and more
I spoke to Jake Hanhrahan about the November 13th terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey’s ensuing escalation against the AANES, and more.
A double murder and ensuing unrest in Deir ez-Zour, continued Turkish attacks, and the Talabani visit.
Raids, attacks, and end of the year statistics

December 2022

I’ve been unable to find the time to put together this week’s newsletter as I am currently in Europe working in person on a number of projects for STJ…
A rundown of key events from Turkish/SNA & SDF-controlled territories